About Me

  • Why

    • On December 21, 2018, I almost died. In January, I was reborn with a new heart, all thanks to a selfless organ donor who was [probably] from around the area and happened to have a matching blood type. This blog is dedicated to my personal journey & thoughts around and after the event— whatever I can do to help others in similar situations or those who want to learn about what happened to me. I also want to use this space to advocate for organ donation, research, and charities— our donors deserve it.

    • The reason why I needed an urgent heart transplant (explained in full detail in my blog) was because I had something called “dilated cardiomyopathy.” And yes, before all of this, I was completely healthy (exercised, ate well, very active, nonsmoker, etc). We found out that I had familial dilated cardiomyopathy that was likely worsened by a virus that I had caught during the fall of 2018. Some luck I had, I know.

  • The Basics

    • Name: Alin (pronounced “uh-LEEN” or “ah-LEEN”)

    • Birthday: January 29, 1988

    • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA 

    • Current City: Philadelphia, PA 

    • Profession: ER doctor-in-training

    • College: UCLA

    • Interesting fact: I’ve been to 39/50 of the US states. 

    • Quote: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” (Oscar Wilde)

  • Interests

    • Emergency & Critical Care medicine

    • The future of medical education

    • The history of our criminal justice system 

    • Autumn

    • Travel, road trips 

    • The works of Oliver Sacks

    • “Forensic Files” 

    • Sour candy 

    • Thai food

    • Photography & photo editing (especially cityscapes, l'heure bleue, and clouds)

    • True crime books, podcasts, documentaries 

    • Listening to “old school” hip hop, The Weeknd, & RHCP

    • Public health research, patient advocacy

Questions? Concerns? Contact me! contact.changeofheart@gmail.com

Twitter: @AG_EM33 ||| Instagram: @a_change_of_heart_blog