Transplant Diet:

  • FDA’s official “Food Safety for Transplant Recipients” PDF can be found for free here.

  • If you have an Instagram account, check out & follow @transplantfoodforlife … beautifully created.

  • If you are on steroids post-transplant, remember to check your blood sugar levels regularly and try to eat “low glycemic index” foods. A good review of all of this can be found here.

Transplant Education:

  • TRIO puts out educational videos for transplant recipients, which you can find here.

  • Stanford University’s Heart Transplant program has a really easy, accessible webpage about what to expect before & after surgery, exercise guidelines, amongst other information. Click here for the website.

Exercises & Physical Therapy:

  • If you recently got a heart transplant, you know that Sternal Precautions are very important. Find a list of what you can + cannot do here.