Hi everyone!

It’s been a hectic two weeks, so I’ve put off updating the blog. I actually began working again last week, which was REALLY EXCITING … until I found out that our hospital is closing and I will need to transfer residency programs. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, we added another CRAZY chapter to my life.

I will get back to heart transplant updates and funny stories soon … once I get my life back together (for a second time this year, ha).

But I want to put this hospital closure out there because I want people to be aware of what happens when corporations try to profit off of hospitals. Our hospital, Hahnemann University Hospital, was bought by a company called AAHS last year. Suddenly, we were told that the hospital was losing money— the company couldn’t handle these losses. And then, just like that, we were told that our hospital is closing.

Our hospital (a tertiary care center in the heart of inner-city Philadelphia) caters to tens of thousands of (mostly underprivileged and uninsured) people per year— it’s a safety net hospital here. An asset to our community.

I am so sorry to all of our patients. But it was an honor to be your doctor for the 2.5 years that I worked there. You taught me so much, & you let me take care of you. Thank you.

Perhaps we can begin making some changes in health policy because of this catastrophe. Perhaps some good will come out of this. Right?

Read more here, or simply Google “Hahnemann closure” for more information.